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thISme / the story

Welcome to my world!
My world is not always the same...
My being and my work go hand in hand and the line that usually stands between them gets blurry ever so often. This is my world, but just like a reflection in the mirror, it’s not.

My sweet sweet world, filled with sewing machines, mannequins, fabrics and miles and miles of threads! I adore it and I get lost in it every time.
Every day is crisp and new.
Every day I meet more people, but in doing so I loose myself more and more in my work.

Ideas flying all around me. And trying to make sense of it all is next to impossible. But, once in a while, a few ideas start to form a pattern, to form something true, something you (and even I) can trust.
Rare moments.
Rare precious moments.

Now, that we have the ideas, we can move on!
A forest of hangers, all awaiting to be filled with true ideas.
And it’s all happiness.
All joy.
All creation!

Welcome to my world!
Welcome to my mind!
Now, let’s go deeper and deeper. Let’s simply loose ourselves in my river of thoughts.

Photographer: Sabina Mladin
Make-up: Monica Popmark
Hair: Art of Hair
Accessories: J’amais by Rada Ureche