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the Entitled Bully

Act 1.
The world was mine.
Everything I ever wanted was there for me. I was daddies little girl, the Sweetheart, the best friend, the loved one. Nothing could ever stop me, because life was a dream!

Act 2.
Things started to change.
Responsibilities were piling up, friends became enemies, hearts started to brake. In all that mess, I began to fall deeper and deeper, without seeing a way out. The world was turning against me.

Act 3.
I didn’t break.
Even if the fall was deep and hard, somehow I managed to pull myself back and started to recover. I surrounded myself with everything important for the soul and started on the long way of rediscovering myself.

Act 4.
I am the result of my life experiences.
In the end, it’s good. It’s not fantastic, it’s not super. It’s good. I am surrounded by positive and negative things all the time and I accept that. Because that’s just the way life is. And after all I’ve been through, on any giving occasion I will fight back. Now, I am the ‘Entitled Bully’

Collection: the Entitled Bully
Designer: Arina Varga
Photographer: By Sabina Mladin
Mode: Foltean Anamaria
Make-up & Hair: Monica Popmark
Flowers: Flowers by Kari